Backloading Removalists

Our removalist and backloading services have been helping Australian families and business' move throughout Australia for over 20 years. We specialise in providing our customers with a fair price, without compromising the quality removal service we provide.

We collect goods from all parts of the country numerous times a week. We are collecting furniture and belongings in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Canberra, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory multiple days per week. We can organise a pickup with only a few days notice.

Our trucks are readily available for any size move, 1 item or an entire house.

So what is a Backload?

Don't worry, we get this all the time! A Backload is a variation of a full removal service. In a full removal service the truck would have only your goods on it. However it would then be much more accommodating to your time requirements.

A Backload means that we will load a number of customers on to the truck in each direction, however it also means that you only pay for your share of the truck. If you only fill 20% of the space then you only pay 20% of its cost to get that truck down to its destination.

This can work out amazingly for the customer, as if you book a full removal truck you will have to pay the entire cost of getting that truck to where you need to go, often also then having to pay towards to return trip as well! EXPENSIVE!

Our method means that no individual customer is heaped with all of the removal costs, they are split evenly among those who are using the service. On our return trips we rely on new customers rather than hitting up those who paid for us to drive the original leg of the journey.

A lot of routes offer back loads as the standard price, these are for more popular runs, as we know we nearly always have access to several removalist trucks on these routes.

There are other areas we cover we offer a normal removal price, and a backload rate as 2 separate options, these are normally for an area that is non-metro, or have a lesser demand  for removalist services,


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We provide our services as an furniture backloader throughout Australia. We provide our services to rural locations and major cities multiple times per week.

Notice Required

As a general rule, if you can provide us at least a week notice for your interstate move then we can always arrange space. However if things happen and you need to move suddenly, we can always assist. Just visit our booking page and complete a few details and we can get this sorted for you

Price Matching

Yes we most certainly do provide price matching on all comparable removalist quotes. Just send us a copy of the quote you have been provided and we'll see what we can do. The furniture to be moved must be the same on each quote so make sure your list is accurate.


Absolutely yes you should get moving insurance for your interstate furniture backload. You are putting your whole life into a truck, why wouldn't you want protection. Our drivers and loading teams are some of the best in the business, but there are things not even we can predict or protect against. That's why there is insurance.

Best Way To Backload

The simplest things to do to ensure a smooth move with backloading is to plan, think ahead and ask plenty of questions. Don't leave it up to us to guess what you want, and don't presume we know your ideas. Communication makes everything easier for all.

How To Get A Quote

We have created a reasonably simple removal quote form to help you with getting the most accurate price CLICK HERE

Western Australia

Western Australia

We provide our interstate backload removals services throughout Australia, but we are often asked "do you provide moves to WA?" Yes we definitely do.

We provide our services to all areas of Western Australia, but in particular we service Perth, Rockingham, Mandurah, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton and Albany multiple times per week.

If you're not going to any of these areas don't worry, we can still help you move and provide you an affordable moving cost. The areas above are just our most frequently requested routes, but we are more than happy to go anywhere else for you.

South Australia

South Australia is one of our major areas, we constantly have a number of backloader trucks heading to or leaving SA going all over Australia.

Whilst we do service the entire state of South Australia, our main areas that we provide our backloading services to are Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Gawler, Whyalla, Port Pirie, Murray Bridge and Mount Barker.

These are our primary areas, however we are more than happy to assist with a removalist quote for any other area in South Australia.


Victoria is a major destination for our interstate removalists services. We are sending trucks to various locations every single day for moves heading to all parts of Australia.

Whilst we provide our services to all locations in Victoria, our primary collection and delivery locations are Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Mildura, Shepparton and Wodonga.

However we are happy to provide our affordable removalist prices to all other areas of Victoria.

New South Wales

NSW is one of, if not our primary destination for interstate removals. We provide our services to all areas of New South Wales numerous times per week.

We are assisting with moves in and out of New South Wales multiple times per week, our primary collection and delivery areas are Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, Albury, Maitland, Wagga Wagga, Dubbo, Tamworth and Port Macquarie.

However we are happy to provide our budget removal services to all other areas of New South Wales.


Queensland is one of our most highly in-demand locations. People are constantly moving to and from all parts of QLD.

We regularly have moves taking place from all areas of Queensland, such as the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Townsville and Cairns.

Whilst these are our major locations, we also provide our services to all other areas of Queensland.

Northern Territory

We have truck services that run to and from Darwin and Brisbane and all towns in between, plus a container service Darwin to Perth and most large cities


Regular Truck Backloading service to and from Tasmania to all Eastern states, plus container service from Tasmania to Perth and Western Australia